Thursday, April 12, 2012

Gym Oddities

There are some really odd people that go to the gym.  Today as I was doing my leg and arm routine with my headphones on, a woman approached me.  I assumed she was going to ask if I was done with some of my equipment or if I could move over but no she actually just wanted to chat.  In the middle of my workout.  She asked some random questions about what I was doing- even after I explained that I don't know what I'm doing and just get workouts from the internet.  She told me about her medical problems and just continuously interrupted me for ten minutes no matter what exercise I was doing.  I felt rude putting my headphones back on and ignoring her for a bit but really headphones on means DON'T TALK TO ME!

There is also a lady at the gym that wears latex gloves.  She may be susceptible to illness so I won't ridicule her too much, but it seems if you have to be that careful about germs you should probably not go to the local YMCA to work out.

The other phenomenon that I can't understand is jeans.  Why are there several men who wear blue jeans to workout in?  It doesn't look comfortable, it's against the rules, and it's just weird.  I've never considered going to the gym in anything but workout clothes.

Also, I love that there's a 75+ year old man who really works it out during Zumba.  He might not go full speed but he keeps to the beat and hits most of the moves.  He must have been quite the dancer during his younger years.  It keeps a smile on my face to watch him in the mirror behind me.