All About Sara

I'm Sara.  I'm a 20-something Cleveland native who loves her city.  I'm allergic to milk and tree nuts and LOVE fast food.  I try to craft, exercise, and bake.  This is my 20-something life in Cleveland.

When I started this blog more than one of my friends responded with, "You? Miss. Picky Eater reviewing restaurants?!"  And they've got a point, I am a notoriously unadventurous eater so it seems odd that I would choose to review restaurants.  Yet here I am.  So be forewarned.  My reviews will often consist of the simplest food on the menu, and perhaps more often than not will be of the plain hamburger- but I still think there is value in that.  I am trying to brave the culinary delights available in Cleveland a bit more- who knows I may become a foodie yet! 

As I've been writing I've expanded my focus from just reviewing and commenting on Cleveland area institutions to looking at anything that is influencing my life currently.  Stay tuned for commentary on living dairy-free, dating, and anything else I think worthy of posting about.  Thanks for stopping by!