Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Hour Happenings: Pier W

Last night two of my girls and I decided to do happy hour at Pier W.  I have gone several times in the past but for some reason have never written about it.  I LOVE this happy hour.

Drink Deals:

First of all, the drink deals are pretty on point.  Pier W is a very nice restaurant and therefore has very nice wines and spirits.  The vast majority of the wines are $5.75 for a sizable pour.  They also have a great martini list that goes for the same.  There are also deals on other drinks.  I always get the Lemon Drop Martini or a glass of Pinot Grigio.  Last night we all got lemon drops!

Food Deals:

Almost their entire bar menu is half off.  We shared their AMAZING bacon mussels, calamari, and sliders.  They have some of the best sliders I have ever had!  They have a great sauce on them and the buns are toasted perfectly.  They also let you order them cooked to order.  I've also had in the past their beef short rib perogies (love), and their tempura shrimp.  All good.


The bar is modern and classy.  A lot of the seating can be communal depending on the size of your group.  I like how it's cozy and intimate.  There are great views of the lake and the city from the main restaurant as well.  I feel very mature and professional going there.  It's a nice change of pace without breaking the bank from some of the more casual bars I go to.

By getting their food deals I always end up eating a meals worth of food.  My friend and I had two martinis a piece and split the three dishes and spent just shy of $30 each including tip.  Not bad for a gourmet restaurant that I normally can't afford.  If you like seafood and you want a nice meal, this is definitely a great choice for a smaller budget!


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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Progress on My 30 Before 30

I'm doing pretty well on the picture a day goal.  And, I haven't had fast food since Thursday, November 7th so I'm on a roll with that.  I should have probably started the working out and drinking water goals at the same time, but they will be forthcoming.

I need to buy a puzzle to complete, and clear an area to work on it.

I'm really glad that I've decided to do this!  I think it will be good for me!

Thanks for the support!