Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Challenge

As I was frantically cleaning my apartment the other day in anticipation of a realtor visiting I realized something... I have a ton of clothes.  Yet, I tend to wear the same 10 tops or so over and over again.  So starting yesterday (November 1st) I am seeing how long I can go without re wearing the same top.  I'm having a coworker take a picture of me each day so that I can document the process.  I plan on lasting at least the month- but I may be able to go even further.  I'm going to do my best to not buy any new tops during this experiment as well... though I may bend that rule when I attend a conference in Chicago that is just a mile away from all the Michigan Ave shopping.

Stay tuned, on Fridays I will post my outfits from the work week.  On Sundays I will post my weekend outfits.

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