Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Free in Cleveland: Cleveland Shakespeare Festival

Last Sunday I went to see CSF put on Two Gentlemen From Verona in Lakewood Park for FREE!  I've somehow missed the last couple of summers of Shakespeare because of scheduling conflicts so I was super excited to attend this show.  There was a great turnout especially as it was a somewhat chilly summer night.  The show was quite amusing, and I really enjoyed the physical comedy as well as Shakespeare's wit.  I thought it was great that there were several children in attendance as well as a wide range of twenty somethings, senior citizens, and everyone in between.

I also always appreciate casting that disregards race though- and I'm assuming it was coincidental, all the leads were white (as far as I could tell).

EDIT: Female lead, Silvia, half hispanic, half white!  Love the extra layer of diversity even if I was dense and didn't immediately know!

The only downside was that it started raining and the show had to end about 10 minutes early.

This weekend I might try to see Measure by Measure one of Shakespeare's problem plays in Tremont!

Come on down and see the last weekend of showings!  And, don't worry if you don't know your Shakespeare, helpful summaries of the plays are provided in the programs!

Knock another thing off my summer bucket list!


  1. Girl who played Silvia here - half-white, half-Hispanic :]]

    1. Awesome, I was a little hesitant to make the comment- people mis-label me all the time and it annoys me! Fantastic job at the show btw. Thanks for stopping by and correcting me!