Thursday, October 31, 2013

6 Months 30 Things to get me to 30

Two days ago marked the six month mark till my GASP! 30th birthday.  Never mind the fact that even when wearing a suit while teaching at the local high school the security guards ask me if I'm a student- it's true, I'm getting older.  I probably should have thought of this idea six months ago on my golden birthday, but alas, I didn't.  So I'm doing it now.  I'm giving myself a list of 30 goals to accomplish before hitting this next milestone in my life.  Some of them are BIG some of them are small, some of them are just for fun and some are more serious, but all of them are important to me.

Before I get to my list let's look at some of the things I've already accomplished, tried, or experienced in this last year of my 20s.

1.  I quit a job that was making me unhappy.
2.  I got my Master's Degree!
3.  I started a new job doing something I've never done before!
4.  I dated multiple people.
5.  I took a spontaneous road-trip with my best friend.
6.  I took a not so spontaneous road-trip with a good friend.
7.  I volunteered at a charity event.
8.  I split a block of granite in half with some awesome people.
9.  I went to a geology lecture.
10.  I tried moonshine!

I'm sure there are things I'm missing but these were the things that stood out to me.  This is definitely going to be one of my best years yet!

So, in no particular order, here is MY LIST!

1.  Buy a home.
2.  Go Dancing
3.  RUN a 5k in under 30 minutes- train for a half marathon
4.  Dye my hair
5.  Host a dinner party
6.  Go 30 days in a row without fast food
7.  Save enough money to cover my bills for the summer
8.  Crochet an adult size blanket.
9.  Make $500 on Teacher's Pay Teachers
10.  Make my book review blog active again
11.  Read 3 non-fiction books (any suggestions?)
12.  Take a picture a day
13.  Be published or at least submit my essay for publication
14.  De-Clutter my life
15. Visit MOCA
16.  Find Love
17.  Spend quality one on one time with as many friends as possible
18.  Go see The Cleveland Orchestra
19.  Take or at least book an out of state trip (other than my already planned trip to CALI this summer)
20.  Join two professional organizations
21. Fly a Kite (Thanks KD for the suggestion!)
22.  Purchase REAL art
23.  Complete 30 Random Acts of Kindness
24.  Buy a VW Beetle
25.  Complete a 1,000 piece puzzle
26.  Eat at a fancy restaurant
27.  Write thank you notes to people who have made a difference in my life
28.  Drink 2 bottles of water a day for 30 days
29.  Take a class- either art or dancing
30.  Go to Amish Country

I will officially start TOMORROW!  So excited to see what the next six months bring.

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