Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 in Cleveland- The Good Stuff

Every year is filled with hits and misses, positives and negatives, successes and failures.  But today, the last day of 2011 I want to reflect on what went right this past year so I can enter 2012 on a positive and cheery note. (And, I guess not all of these things happened in Cleveland, but they all happened to a Clevelander!)

In 2011 I...

  • partied with and made new friends when I spent NYE in Las Vegas
  • was recalled to my job
  • met a guy and had a fun couple of months going on unique dates
  • went on a road trip to IKEA with a coworker
  • got my first coach purse
  • saw my cousin get "hooded" as she finished veterinary school
  • went to Missouri and spent a week with some of the best people in the world with
  • partied with my ladies on Kelley's Island for an awesome bachelorette party
  • attended a rocking wedding at the House of Blues
  • travelled to St. Joseph Michigan to see my big cousin get hitched
  • was the maid of honor in my lil cousin's wedding
  • witnessed a friend of 16 years marry the love of her life 
  • attended my first professional conference in Chicago! NCTE 2011!
  • shared a family holiday with a boyfriend for the first time
  • applied for and registered for grad school
  • maintained three blogs
  • went completely dairy free
  • performed twice in front of my entire school as part of the all staff group "the pepettes"
  • helped my special ed students perform and film Hamlet
  • got a Droid
  • adopted Titus (my adorable new kitty!)
  • read 14 books!
What went right for you in 2011?  

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