Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy Hour Happenings: Hyde Park Prime Steakhouse

Tonight my parents and I hit up the Hyde Park Prime Steakhouse for Happy Hour at Crocker Park in Westlake.  From 4:30 to 6:30 they offer great Happy Hour specials.  There was a list of $4 martinis and $6 martinis as well as $5 small plates.  My mom ordered a "white frost" martini that had a ginger liquer, white cranberry and some other stuff in it.  It was ok, too sweet for her taste, and too alcohol-y for mine.  I ordered a "blood orange" martini and it was AMAZING, sweet like juice and therefore potentially dangerous because it was very easy to drink.  My dad went with a straight vodka martini which he seemed to enjoy.

Since we were in the mood for seafood primarily we decided to split several of the seafood small plates that were available.  We ordered the fried calamari that was in a spicy Thai chili sauce and was delicious.  It was a great size for sharing and was more than enough for the three of us.  We also ordered the jump shrimp cocktail which, perfectly, came with three jumbo shrimp.  They were really large and tasty.  Our final seafood option was the blackened scallops that were served with a vinaigrette, blue cheese, and walnuts.  Do to my dairy and nut allergy we had the cheese and nuts on the side.  I was not really a fan of the scallop.  There were only 2 of them, they were not large, and the flavors were off.  My parents seemed to like them though.  I knew I'd still be hungry so I ordered the sliders minus the cheddar that is supposed to come on them.  The two sliders were juicy and flavorful and came with fries and really gave me just the right amount of food.

I'd definitely recommend the Hyde Park happy hour to anybody.  For just around $40 we had a great meal and great drinks for 3!  Can't get too much better than that!

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  1. Good to hear about Steakhouse's happy hours and I really made your hours happy. What are daily opening hours of Steakhouse?

    John from Store Hours