Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Restaurant Review: Barroco Grill

For the past year or so I have continuously heard my friends, colleagues, and acquaintances talk about this new little restaurant in Lakewood called Barroco Grill.  Located on Madison Ave.  towards the east end of the city this small hole in the wall serves up delicious Columbian fare.  I can't comment on it's authenticity as I have never been to Columbia, have no Columbian friends, and don't believe I have ever eaten Columbian food before.  I can however comment on the taste and atmosphere of the joint.

I ordered the steak arepa.  An arepa is apparently a tortilla that is made from white corn and grilled.  It is then filled with any number of fillings.  Mine had steak, corn, green peppers, and onion.  It was supposed to have mozzarella cheese and mushrooms as well but due to my allergy to dairy and my strong dislike for cooked mushrooms I ordered it without.  Unfortunately when it first came out there was cheese on it, but as soon as I showed the waitress she took it out and in about 5 or so more minutes I had a fresh steaming hot one in front of me.  It came with a healthy serving of seasoned fries and a very tiny yet refreshing fruit cup.  My friends enjoyed their meals too.  One got the Cheesy Corn which is mozzarella, corn, chicken, and bacon all mixed together.  It was a decent portion size and came with Arepa fries which appeared to be more like potato wedges.  She said it was delicious and other friends have told me they're sad for me since I can't try the deliciousness.  It made me question whether an epi pen shot might be worth it.... probably not.  My other friend got a chicken arepa and instead of fries substituted black bean soup.  She ate it all so I have to assume it was tasty as well.

There were also several house sauces that they provided.  I used the cilantro one and a garlic one and both were great.  I know there was also a spicy peanut sauce and a pineapple sauce among others.  I probably should have been brave and tried them all.

I had purchased a groupon for a $20 gift certificate for $5 the other day so all in total our bill went from $30 to $16 (including tip).  I think it's a great value for your money.  Oh and better yet, you can BYOB so pack up your favorite brew or vino and bring it along- money saving and customized to your taste!

The interior of the restaurant is small and a little kitchy but I liked it.  There is a sense of style there and it has a young hip vibe.  I have another gift certificate so I plan on going back soon.  If you want to check out the menu click here.

Oh and sorry I didn't take pictures!!!  Maybe the next time I go I'll remember.

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