Sunday, March 4, 2012

Grad School

I'm meeting with my advisor for the first time on Tuesday and one of the things I need to discuss with her is whether or not I plan on per suing my degree full time or part time next year.  So in an effort to better organize my thoughts on it I've decided to create pro/con type lists...


Can work full-time while going to school
Less financial burden at any given time
Potentially less stressful if I remain in my current job where I do not have take home work

It will take me over 2 years to complete the degree
I might lose some of my motivation
Could postpone career opportunities


Can focus fully on my classes
Can potentially work a part-time job
Could finish in as little as a year and a half (I think.)

More money up front
Would have to stop working full time
Might burn out on school

All in all my lists seem relatively even.  Perhaps I should just view it as if I get my dream job for next year I will go part-time.  If I get laid off due to staff reductions I will go full-time.  I'm unsure where I stand if I'd just be keeping this same low-paying job.  I like what I do but I'm not sure it's furthering my career in anyway.

Any ideas? Thoughts?  I'd love your opinions!

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