Sunday, September 19, 2010

Restaurant Review: Happy Dog

Cleveland has been working at revitalizing/rebranding some neighborhoods and the Gordan Square Arts District is one of them.  I hadn't spent much time in the area, but am now working relatively close to there! 

This past Thursday I went with my coworker Mr. D to the Happy Dog in the Gordon Square Arts District.  I'd heard a lot about this bar but had not been there yet.  They serve nice beefy hot dogs and provide a laundry list of toppings that you can put on them including the standard relish, cheese, mustard, chili and unique and crazy items such a peanut butter, eggs, etc.  I was unadventurous and just got ketchup and mustard for my dog and fries.  I HATED the ketchup- they make their own and I'm a Heinz girl through and through, but the dog itself was reallllly delicious.  Mr. D got so much on his hot dog I doubt he tasted the dog, but he loved it.  He ordered the tator tots instead of fries- and they were pretty amazing.  I thought the decor and atmosphere was pretty neat too and I'd go back again anytime.

What are your favorite Cleveland hot spots?

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