Monday, February 13, 2012

Pinterest Crafts! Circle Painting #1

I saw a pin from Two Girls Being Crafty where they made a piece of art very simply and I thought, "I can do that too!" So I did.

The first step in their post has you spray paint the canvas but I skipped that step, I didn't mind a pure white background.  They used a brown paint pen for the stems but I cheaped out and mixed my own brown paint and used a thin brush to paint the lines.  they aren't as perfect and some are thicker than I'd like but it was overall pretty simple to do.  Here is a picture of that step:

Then I started making the circles.  I used red, orange, blue, teal, and a little black.  I mixed colors together to make additional shades.  It was pretty time consuming because I had to clean the sponges in between colors to vary sizes and colors at the same time.  But it was easy.  Here are some pictures of the final product:

What do you think Oh and this all cost me less than $10 and I still have paint left over and the brushes/sponges are reusable!

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