Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Product Review: Match.com and Chemistry.com

Happy Valentine's Day!  In honor of this "day of love" I thought I'd post about dating! Recently a few people have asked me about my experiences with online dating.  So I thought I'd review two of the sites I've used.

First up is Chemistry.  I found a  14 Day Free Trial to Chemistry.com online (this link will take you to a free trial as well) and decided to test it out.  I created a profile and started searching.  Chemistry strikes me as a mix between Eharmony and Match.com.  The program gives you a "type" and then "matches" you to people they feel you could be compatible with.  I'm not sure how accurate their matching is but I met a few people off of the site and two of them led to a little bit more.  One I ended up dating on and off for a year.  I'm not sure either of us was really in a great place for a relationship but we got along great and had a lot of fun together.  The other guy was "the dude" who I've previously mentioned on here and we dated for 2 months and it was great while it was lasted.  Perhaps we didn't have long term potential but I don't blame Chemistry on that.  If you're thinking about trying online dating check this free trial out and it might even be worth your money!  My friend's dad met his new wife on Chemistry!


 I also did a free trial of match.com and then later paid for the service.  I  had several dates from Match.com though none of them went past a second date.  I'm not sure what to attribute this to.  There were A LOT of people to choose from on Match but I had less responses from my matches on there.  So maybe it was just me or how I had my profile filled out.  On Match you put in all the things you want in a partner and sort the sea of people that way.  It gives you more control, though your own thoughts about what you must have or can't have might keep you from seeing some keepers.  Here is a link to 15% off of your fees.  It is probably worth a look!


What services have you tried?  Is online dating the only way to meet people these days?  Thoughts on Match or Chemistry?

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