Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Another First/Last Date...

Last night I went on another First/Last Date to Dave and Busters.  We'll call him Mr. Spikey Hair.  I want to preface with this wasn't an awful date.  It just wasn't going to lead to a second date for several reasons.  Single men, consider the following a general guide to first dates/dating in general.

1. Texting your date the day of and saying "I think we should hold of eating there because it is mucho expensive" makes you come across as cheap.  I by no means was expecting an expensive dinner but putting it this way was just awkward.  Try saying, "let's meet for a drink" it's clear and doesn't make you sound like a cheapskate.
2. Super gelled spikey hair screams immature (but this would not be a deal breaker- hair can be fixed.)
3. Three mixed drinks (2 margaritas and 1 mojito) in the first hour, especially on a Tuesday and when your date is obviously only having 1, might be over kill.  Do you need to be buzzing to be with me?

I suppose none of these things were deal breakers for me it was just a lack of chemistry in addition to these misjudgments that have me decided that Mr. Spikey Hair will go into my archives of one date wonders.

I met this guy on but I've had much more success using Chemistry and Match.

On my 14 day free trial I met a guy that I casually dated for a year.  And, on a free communication weekend I met a guy I dated exclusively for a few months.  Sign up for the free trial- then if you like it I believe you should be able to get 3 months for the price of 1 right now!

On my 3 day trial of Match I managed a few dates with one guy.  Not the guy for me, but really nice.

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