Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Product Review: Scrabble Flash

I love Scrabble!  It is one of my favorite games of all time.  I have Scrabble Deluxe, Scrabble Slam, and Scrabble Scramble to Go already.  I also play Scrabble against my friends on Facebook as well. Recently, as a going away present from my team at work I received Scrabble Flash!

Scrabble Flash comes with 5 electronic squares that you set side to side to create words for a variety of games.  There are three modes of play to choose from and the cool thing is the tiles can tell if you've made a word or not and score it for you!  I was not sure how the tiles would react to each other but as long as most of each side was touching another tile they seemed to communicate just fine. Tonight I've just been playing by myself, but I can't really see how it'd be as fun with other people as you have to be very patient and take turns.  And, unlike the traditional scrabble game there isn't anything for you to be studying or looking at as you wait.  I really enjoyed it myself however.  Oh, and I love that it really ends up needing very little storage as the box you keep it in is approximately 4in by 2 in by 2in. 

As an English teacher, I can see this being used in the classroom.  It is very tactile and would allow students to have the opportunity to use their vocabulary and interact with words.  The game, retailing at approximately $30, might be a little pricey to purchase for a class, especially if you'd want more than one for the kids to use.  I could really see it in a tutoring or one-on-one setting.  I would also like to see them come out with a version where a teacher could choose the letters that show up on the tiles, or extend the amount of time that the player gets to find words, as many students would find the minute or so given to be quite limiting. 

Overall, I'm glad I have this game to add to my collection of Scrabble products. 

Do you like Scrabble?  What is your favorite Scrabble game?

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