Saturday, November 20, 2010

Restaurant Review: Deagan's Kitchen and Bar

Deagan's, a self described gastro-pub opened a couple of months ago in downtown Lakewood. I hadn't been yet, so when some former co-workers decided to have their Friday happy hour there I was very interested.  From the outside signage I was expecting more of a sports bar atmosphere but that isn't what you get at all.

My parents had gone to dinner there with friends earlier in the week so I already knew that the menu was a bit on the "fancy" side.  What I didn't know is that they completely redid the interior and have made a very nice upscale, yet laid back atmosphere.  I really liked their sconces that looked like bare old-fashioned light bulbs. 

I ordered my standard vodka and tonic and at 3 dollars a pop it was a much cheaper option than I expected.  I definitely felt that they were generous with the pour as well.  I ordered the Prince Edward Island Mussels  with fennel and saffron-tomato nage.  At 7 dollars these were a great deal, and while I didn't count I was impressed by the number of mussels I was given.

Two of my coworkers ordered, as did my parents when they went, the Spicy Shrimp Tacos with avocado, corn, white cheddar, and micro cilantro.  Everyone who had them said that they were very good and that they would order them again.  My one coworker, Ms. B said that they could be her "go to" dish.  The table also shared the Pomme Frittes that they said were good too.

I'm not a deviled eggs kind of a girl, but I did try one of their Deviled Eggs with lake Erie goat cheese, and English mustard and it wasn't bad.  I also tried a bacon wrapped date, it wasn't terrible, but I don't think I'll ever try it again.

Overall I had a great experience at Deagan's and may have to go again to continue expanding my palette. 

What new restaurants have you tried recently?

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