Sunday, February 20, 2011

Happy Hour Happenings #3: The Ice House

 On Thursday I went, per usual, to Happy Hour with my coworkers.  This week we went to The Ice House on Brookpark Rd.  We went there two weeks ago as well but I didn't review so I'm combining my experiences into this post.

Now here's the dirt on The Ice House's Thursday Happy Hour:

Drink Deals:
Margaritas were on special for $2- they were small but decently strong.  I believe there were draft beer deals as well, but forgot to make note of exactly what they were.

Food Deals:
We all ordered their $1.50 tacos.  Oh so good.  They fry up their own tortillas for the shells and give you a choice between mild and hot.  I chose mild but heard that the hot aren't that hot and really just add a little jalapeno to the tacos.  One thing that I like about their tacos a lot is that they add fresh diced tomato instead of canned salsa.  I love tomato.  I think that these are my favorite tacos!

I have also ordered their beef hot dog- super big, juicy and delicious. One of the ladies I was with ordered a basket of fries and those were really delicious too.  Their prices on their whole menu are really reasonable and tastey!

The Atmosphere:
When we first got there the bar had only a few other customers.  A few hours later (we were there 4-8) the place filled up.  There was plenty of room though.  It seemed like the were short on servers and it took us quite awhile to get our bills.

Overall I really enjoy this spot and am sure I will be making more trips there.

What other Happy Hour spots should I try?!

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