Saturday, October 30, 2010

Restaurant Review: Cozumel

Tuesday my ladies and I decided to try Cozumel the new Mexican restaurant in Lakewood.  It's located in the old IHop building.

Upon entering the restaurant I was happy to see they've made some pretty significant changes in the decor and even added a little bar.  Of course we all ordered Margaritas, and at $5.50 I felt the price was super reasonable.  They were slightly smaller than the Margs at El Jalepeno's (our usual hot spot) but at two dollars less they were much cheaper!

I ordered the Carne Asada and it was delicious.   I took my camera with the intention of taking a picture but I forgot!  Anyways, when it came out there was a nice serving of beans, some shredded lettuce, a very little bit of pico de gallo (I'm going to ask for more in the future), three wraps and a two good size pieces of beef to be cut up.  There was way more than I could eat, but of course I forgot my doggy bag at the table!  The price was good at $10.50 which is significantly cheaper than the Carne Asada at El J's which is $13.50.

Overall I think Cozumel might become our new go-to spot.  With everything being 1-3 dollars cheaper than El Jalepeno's it's definitely going to be easier on our wallets!  Not to mention, in good weather it is within walking distance of most of my friends' houses along with mine!

Have you gone to Cozumel?  What did you think, what is your favorite dish?

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