Saturday, January 29, 2011

Eddy's and Iggy's Take 2

My ladies and I went to Eddy's and Iggy's again on Wednesday!  I don't know why more ladies in Lakewood don't flock to that bar for the free drinks!  This time, as promised, we all indulged in some $0.50 tacos!  They were good- but I like Merry Arts' better.  BUT they were $1.50 less... so I think really it's a wash.  Be warned though- you can get sour cream, but one side of it is 50 cents! Still, the five of us all ate and drank for I'd say around $20 with tips!  Not a bad night out, not bad at all.

Have you tried the Eddy's and Iggy's happy hour?!

EDIT 2/2/11: Apparently we were just lucky that the two times we went they were offering the fifty cent tacos.  Follow them on Facebook to find out when they're doing the special because they do not do it every Wednesday!

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  1. Bike Night (9-5-12) Bar Maid more interested in servicing DJ then Customers. Accused Pedophile at end of bar (not proven until Guilty), Bottle Beer cost to much! Never asked for another drink after 15 minutes. I will not be back with my vintage bike (30 years)! Personally, I would get rid of the bar wench as she is not making you money and giving you a Bad rap! Thonger!