Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Little More Green

Inspired by a good friend of mine I've decided to have few to no year long resolutions and instead focus primarily on short term goals.  Granted these short term things may turn into long term habits, but it takes some of the pressure off to being with looking at things just a month at a time.

Here's my goal for January: Be A Little More Green

If you were to ask me I'd describe myself as a treehugger.  I'm concious of how things affect our planet but I'm still a bit too passive about it.  Now I'm not the type of person who will be obsessed with it either - nothing against those people, I just don't have the willpower, the drive, or frankly the desire.  But I can make small reasonable changes that could potentially have a big impact.

Here are some of the things I'm going to try to do:

1. Get off as many snail-mail lists as possible.  The amount of paper I get in the mail is ridiculous and highly unnecessary.  Bonus benefit: This will decrease the amount of times I have to take my paper recycling to the curb.

2. Use the few reusable bags I have when shopping.  And continue to refuse bags when they aren't necessary.

3. Buy things that come in the most eco-friendly packaging when possible.  This may mean buying in bulk or even buying a different brand.

4.  Research composting- sans worms.  I'm not sure winter is the best time to start composting but if I know a bit about it, I'll be ready to go come spring.

5. Hmmm... drawing a blank... what do you suggest?


  1. If you ever buy bottled water, not doing that is a good change to make.

    Catalog Choice can help you get off lists. There's also a phone number to get off of credit card mailings--1-888-5-OPTOUT

    I definitely buy shampoo and conditioner in the biggest bottles possible to save plastic. Beware of Garnier Fructis. I really like their products, but almost none of their big plastic bottles are recyclable for some reason.

    I could probably talk about this stuff way more than you care to read...

  2. I hate water, but I could probably buy 2 liters instead of cans of pop-- I wonder which is actually better for the environment.

  3. Not sure in terms of energy used and whatnot, but aluminum is a way better material than plastic--you can recycle aluminum infinitely!