Saturday, January 15, 2011

Review: Betsey Johnson store (Las Vegas)

When in Las Vegas, the girls and I went shopping of course and ended up in the Betsey Johnson store that was having a major sale.  All regularly priced clothing was 40% off and all clearance items, already marked down were an additional 50% off!  Two of the girls I was with immediately started trying on the most adorable dresses, and they looked amazing!  Being on a budget I didn't let myself, but I was jealous!  One girl- a new bff "D" bought a great little party dress in white and silver.  The sales girl Ari, was fantastic.  She let everyone try stuff on, hooked up them up with accessories from sweaters, to jewelery, to shoes.  And, she gave us a few tips on clubs to go to and the number of a guy who could get us freebies.

The next day "D" and I wound up back in the store and once again found ourselves with Ari.  This time I decided it was a chance I couldn't pass up and let myself try on a few dresses.  None of them fit me as perfectly as they did the other girls- I think they're made for less busty women- so I didn't buy a dress.  "D" found a couple other things she wanted.  But- I figured, I'd spent 2 days at this store, and I never buy anything "designer" so I had to get something.  I got something a teacher could afford... these $12 awesome-sauce socks (in cream- they were out of black)!

So, thanks Ari for a great shopping experience!  And, I can't wait to wear my designer socks!

Have you ever bought designer clothing?  Was it worth it?  And if you're ever in Vegas- stop by the Bestsey Johnson store in the Miracle Mile Shops.

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