Sunday, December 12, 2010

Happy Hour Happenings #1- Merry Arts Pub and Grill

Since I love happy hours, and go to at least one, and often two a week, I figured I should start a new series of posts... Happy Hour Happenings henceforth abbreviated as HHH.

On Thursday, I was invited by some of my new coworkers to go to Merry Arts in Lakewood with them for happy hour. Not only is it close to my house, but I really wanted to get to know some of my new colleagues better.  I'm so glad I went.  We ended up being there from 4:45 till 9:45.  Awesome.

Now here's the dirt on Merry Arts' Thursday Happy Hour:

Drink Deals:
Well drinks were $1.75!  I ordered a vodka tonic, and one of the other girls ordered a rum and coke- both of us felt like our drinks were strong.  Most of the other ladies ordered beers, and I want to say the domestics were $1.50.  I thought these prices were fantastic. 

Food Deals:
We were so hungry when we got there but were informed that on Mondays and Thursdays the only thing on the menus is Tacos, and they don't start serving them until 6pm.  At approximately 6:02, the 6 of us ordered 18 tacos! At 2.00 a pop, they were a great deal and really good.  Their shell was a fried shell that reminded me more of a taco salad bowl than other hard taco shells.  We ordered them with medium salsa- and it was good, but there was a little more salsa than I preferred.  They were good size and really filling.  I can't wait to go back again for the tacos.

The Atmosphere:
When we first got there the place had just a few other patrons.  We snagged some tall bar tables without any problem.  As the night wore on the place filled up.  There were young professionals, blue collar workers, business men in their 50's, and even families.  With plenty of seating ranging from seats at the two bars, bar tables, booths, and couches it never felt over crowded.

Overall I had a great experience, and am hoping to return soon!  Oh, and Wednesday's are BOGO Burgers!  So I might have to try that one night as well!

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  1. They changed Taco night? It was always Monday and Thursday. Tuesday was Wing night. But I'm really glad that you enjoyed it. I love that place!

  2. Hmm I'll have to double check- I might have remembered it wrong!

  3. Looks like you're right- i'll edit it to correct my error!

  4. It's all good! I was just very confused. But still, really glad you liked it!