Thursday, December 23, 2010

On Sara's TV: Cardioke

A few weeks ago my best friend, K, told me about this exercise phenomena that her sister (I think) had discovered on her free OnDemand called... Cardioke!  I tried looking for it but apparently was looking in the wrong place- cause tonight I struck gold.  I too have Cardioke on my OnDemand!  Let me just say it is AWESOME.

If you are looking for the perfect mix of cardio, dance, and kareoke, then look no further!  Billy Blanks Jr., the son of Billy Blanks- the tae bo master will lead you through several great routines!  There are also plenty of back up performers that will make you feel way better about yourself!

I couldn't find a shorter clip that gave you the full experience.  My favorite are the guys.  Also the woman with the short black hair to Billy's right is his wife- they're quite the team.

And, in case if you were wondering no I didn't do the routines- at the beginning there is a warning to consult your physician before starting this or anyother exercise routine.  I can see that conversation now:

Me:  Dr, I'd like to start doing cardioke.  Am I healthy enough?
Dr:  Cardi-what? 
Me: Cardioke
Dr:  blank stare

What's your favorite work out?

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