Monday, December 13, 2010

One Touch of Nature: Photography

I've been fiddling around with photography for years- ever since I took some classes at the Cleveland Institute of Art during high school. Back then I was shooting on black and white film and developing my own pictures- which I loved. Since then I have moved into the digital world, and last summer finally was gifted a new DSLR- a Canon Rebel XS 10 megapixel- with a standard lens and a pretty standard zoom lens. I love it. Eventually I'll want to upgrade to a nicer one, but I want to earn the money to do that by selling some of my photography on Etsy.

I have reserved the name One Touch of Nature for my future Etsy shop based off of this Shakespearean Quote: "One touch of nature makes the whole world kin."  I just love the sentiment of it!  Now I just need to decide which images to start with!

Grass Lake near Lake Tahoe
North Lake Tahoe
North Lake Tahoe

Tahoe Region of California
Here are some of my favorites- I have the first and third ones up in my apartment blown up to 16x20.  Which is your favorite?  Do you think people would consider buying prints or note cards featuring these images?

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