Saturday, December 4, 2010

Online Dating- Yikes!

So as I may or may not have mentioned, I have a few online dating profiles- on free sites.  Needless to say I attract winners.  Since I am not finding Mr. Right I figured I might share some Mr. Wrong's I've come across... (No handles or pictures as I'm not out to "out" anybody)

Plenty Of Fish by far has the worst messages:

32 yr old
You look good in your pictures. Your profile looks like you put all of 5 minutes into writing. How do you expect to attract a good man when you write 2 sentences about yourself?

- For the record I did put approximately 5 minutes into writing it because PoF is kinda weird.  Also, insulting me is definitely the best way to spark my interest.

40 yr old
what about a married man? :)

-Yup, you almost got me with that one... nothing a single girl wants more than a man already taken.  I should note he attached a picture of his decidedly average chest and stomach (no face).  Winner. 

35 yr old
I've had other dates where we saw each other initially and got a room right away to..that was the best.

-What woman isn't swept off her feet with prose like that?  He didn't even use the right "to." 

Sometimes it's not the messages it's the profiles...

Exhibit A: 
Age: 34 yrs old
Profession: Lion Tamer/Jesse James Impersonator 

- Really?  Really?  Sometimes I wonder what I've hidden in my profile that makes these guys think they're my type. Though I have never met a Lion Tamer/Jesse James Impersonator before so maybe they are exactly my type.... hmmm

Have you had any great online dating experiences? 

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