Thursday, December 2, 2010

Lebron Returns to "Believeland"

Well, tonight's the night we all knew would come.  Lebron is back, with the Miami Heat, to take on the CAVS at the Q.  This should be interesting.  I don't follow the NBA, so I am unsure who is favored to win.  What I do know is this: games with this much back story are completely unpredictable.  Will Lebron be shaken by the fans who will be undoubtedly cruel?  Will the Heat and Lebron come together to prove they're the better team?  Will our fans lose control and create some sort of mob or riot scene?  Only time will tell.  I for one will be waiting the storm out on my couch while sporadically checking out the coverage of the game on TNT. 

For Cleveland, I hope we win.  Our city can use all the good cheer we can find, and it'd be a great way to bring us together! 

Are you watching the game?

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