Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Product Review: OPI Shimmer & Shimmer

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving I got my first manicure since my first one when I was 13!   I chose a gold color from OPI and it held up splendidly.  The girl who did my nails was wearing Shimmer & Shimmer from the Burlesque collection, and I loved it- so when I spotted it in Giant Eagle for fifty cents less than I saw it at Ulta, I snagged a bottle.  

On Sunday night I gave myself the manicure pictured above, completely forgetting that I was going rock climbing with my class the next day!  This picture is from tonight, two full days after I first polished, and a full day after I rock climbed.  This polish has really held up well.  (I also used a Sally Hansen UV top coat that I had laying around.)  I've been getting plenty of compliments on the color.  I think the sparkles make it perfect for the holiday season without being too literal and the color makes it appropriate year round!

What's your favorite nail color/brand?

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