Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Happy Hour Happenings #2- Eddy's & Iggy's

A week ago today a few of my Lakewood gals and I decided to hit up Eddy's and Iggy's which opened up recently after it's owners renovated the old bar Cronies that used to be there.  We chose Eddy's and Iggy's for this Wednesday night happy hour for a number of reasons.

One of the reasons was we used to frequent Cronies (even before we were supposed to!) and wanted to see what changes had been made.  But, more importantly, it was LADIES NIGHT! 

Now here's the dirt on Eddy's and Iggy's Wednesday Happy Hour:

Drink Deals:
On Wednesday's- for ladies- you are given 2 tickets for 2 FREE drinks.  They put no restrictions on us.  I had a Vodka Tonic (my drink of choice), a friend had a rum and coke, another had a pear cider, and one chose Strongbow!  Awesome-sauce!  As there were no men with us we did not inquire about any other drink specials- though we were told there were Margarita's for $2- which makes me now wonder if those would have been given to us for free with our tickets.  Hmmm.

Food Deals:
We had mostly all eaten, but they do have a menu and on Wednesday's serve 50 cent tacos!  We plan on going back to try them.  For $3.50 my friend R got a good size bowl of macaroni and cheese (she took some home as leftovers).  She said it was good but needed a little salt and pepper which were not on the table.

The Atmosphere:
When we got there at seven the bar had a few other patrons.  We grabbed a tall bar table without any problem.  The later it got the more the place filled up.  On the wall there is St. Ed's and St. Ignatius memorabilia as well as seemingly random sports paraphernalia from professional teams.  It's a good size bar and was pleasant to be at. 

We can't wait to go back (not tonight as I'm headed to Vegas) but soon to try the tacos and get some more FREE drinks!  Also, from what I understand Thursday is Karaoke night if you love to croon to some classic jams!

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